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» How do I become a SHPE member?>>

How do I become a SHPE member?

SHPE Connect 

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» Starting a new SHPE chapter>>


» My chapter is am interested in hosting RLDC 2018. What should I do?>>

E-mail your RVP (rvp5@shpe.org) and RSR (rsr5@shpe.org) and let them know of your chapter's interest. We will be working closely with chapters looking to host to help them fill out the application.

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» My chapter is interested in hosting the Region 5 snapchat. Who should I contact?>>

E-mail your RVP (rvp5@shpe.org) or RSR (rsr5@shpe.org) and let them know when you need it. Please give a minimum of 2 day's notice, a week ahead is preferred. You will then be given the log-in info. Please have one person from your chapter manage it and do not post anything inappropriate.

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» Where can I find SHPE Jr. Manuals to start a chapter?>>

Please reference the resouces page for more information. Contact region5shpejr@gmail.com for any specific material not listed on the website.

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