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Khan Academy - Free online tutoring videos

My Study Life - Schedule and class organizer

Rate My Professors - Reviews of professors in any university

StayFocusd - Blocks you from accessing time-wasting websites during study time

Coursera - Free online courses for several subjects

MIT OpenCourseware - Free online specialized engineering courses, good for upperclassmen

UDACITY (Stanford) - Free online specialized engineering courses, good for upperclassmen

Trello - Can be used to organize group tasks for projects, also useable for homework

Paul's Online Math Notes - Online math notes and tutorials for Algebra, Calculus, and Differential Equations

Quizlet - Generate online study tools like flashcards, quizes, and practice tests

Evernote - Allows you to write note and access them in different platforms

The Campus Career Coach - Browse for different career related questions, or ask your own

Glassdoor - Online career community where past and current employees submit company reviews, salaries, and interview information

Cyber Security

Our organization recently finished a new website for students on the topic of cyber security. With many high-profile hacks grabbing national headlines there has been an increased interest in the field from both the government and students (http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/01/15/vice-president-biden-announces-25-million-funding-cybersecurity-educatio).

Despite this growing interest, we found there weren't many online resources discussing cyber security degree programs, so we developed our own: - CyberDegrees.org.

Here are a few features we're particularly proud of:

 - A full directory of cyber security degrees, from associate's degrees all the way to Ph.D programs http://www.cyberdegrees.org/listings/
 - Detailed looks into 20 careers related to cyber security, including job responsibilities, requirements, and growth opportunities http://www.cyberdegrees.org/jobs/
 - Tons of in-depth resources, including our complete guide to government security clearances (what they are, why they're given, and how to earn them) http://www.cyberdegrees.org/resources/security-clearances/

We're listed as a resource by the Department of Homeland Security's National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies and the Society of American Military Engineers, as well as universities including Boston University and the University of Pittsburgh, among others.

Undergraduate Resources

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