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RLDC Recap

SHPE stages regional leadership development conferences on a yearly basis for the leadership of the SHPE student chapters to improve their organizational, managerial, and technical skills. They take place in all of the seven SHPE regions. This program helps college students develop and improve their pre-college outreach programs and improve the infrastructure of SHPE student chapters. Student leaders learn how to interact and network with SHPE's corporate supporters. RLDC also provides professional leaders with the skillsets that they need to ensure early-career advancement and personal growth and the basic toolsets in necessary to lead an effective SHPE chapter through strategic planning, networking, and building effective relationships and partnerships. The RLDC committee is dedicated to strengthening your opportunities for success!

See a copy of the 2017 RLDC5 Post-Conference highlights report summarizing the strategic goals and objectives, budget recap, conference highlights and events, lessons learned, and recommendations for future RLDC5


RLDC 5 Photos

Welcome to Texas Tech University

The purpose of RLDC is to strengthen the Student and Professional chapters within the Region by providing a regional event where future leader's strength are development and fortified. Members will gain knowledge and development in areas such as SHPE organizational structure and services, personal development, leadership development, and career development. The 2017 RLDC 5 event will include 3 workshop tracks for undergraduates, graduates, and professionals, a pre-college high school design competitions, college preparation workshops, a campus tour, a Career Fair/STEM Expo, Academic Olympiad Student Competition, Professional Networking Session, Professional Certification Training, Athletic Tournament, Salsa, Networking Session, Keynote Speakers and Corporate Luncheons, and a reach to over 250 students, professionals, corporate representatives, and academia from within Region 5 including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

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Texas Tech SHPE:
RLDC 2017 Committee:

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Facebook Event Page: SHPE Region 5 RLDC 2017

Meet the Committees

RLDC5 Planning Committee

President, SHPE LM Aero

Aaron Prokopchuk

SHPE National RLDC Staff

Laura Rangel

Region 5 Leadership Team

Brianne Martin (RVP)

Sofia Alarcon (RSR)

Abner Moreno (RGR)

Fernando Ceballos (RMD)


James Narey
Director: RLDC5 Professional Chair

Erika Murillo
Director: Professional Corporate Relations

Juan Hernandez
Director: Logistics, Professional

Lorena Loucel
Manager: Guest Speakers

Samantha Dominguez
Manager: Professional Track

Jasmine Roldan
Manager: SHPE Jr. Track

Adrian Puga
Manager: Professional Networking Social


Elizabeth Moreno
RLDC5 Student Co-Chair
SHPE Texas Tech

Jeremy Salazar
Director: Student Finance/Corporate Relations
SHPE Texas Tech

Isaac Osorio
Director: Logistics - Chair, Student
SHPE Texas Tech

Nadia Martinez
Manager: Meals/Podium
SHPE Texas Tech

Cindy Tzapin
Manager: Volunteers
SHPE Texas Tech

Marco Moreno
Manager: Housing
SHPE Texas Tech

Omar Ortega
Manager: Registration
SHPE Texas Tech

Sergio Leija
Manager: Signage/Website
SHPE Texas Tech

Cristian Millares
Manager: Awards Banquet
SHPE Texas Tech

Miguel Vega
Manager: Facilities
SHPE Texas Tech

RLDC5 Curriculum Committee


Pablo Villa-Martinez
Director: Workshop Curriculum, Professional/Student/SHPE Jr
Local Lubbock Resident
Oncor Electric Delivery

Adrian Puga
Manager: Professional
Networking Social

Samantha Dominguez
Manager: Professional Track


Aaron Alvarez
Director: Workshop Curriculum Student/SHPE Jr
SHPE Texas Tech

David Maldonado
Manager: Corporate Tours
SHPE Texas Tech

Celisse Charles
Manager: Career Fair
SHPE Texas Tech

Jacob Martinez
Manger: Athletic Tournament
SHPE Texas Tech

David Garza
Manager: Outreach Event/Academic Olympiad
SHPE Texas Tech

About Host Chapters

SHPE Texas Tech University Student Chapter

The Texas Tech University SHPE Chapter was initially formed by our first President, Frank Garcia. Our chapter was officially established as an organization on campus in June 1990. Throughout the years, our chapter has continued to grow in members and strive in achieving its mission of advancing Hispanics in STEM related fields. For the past seven years, we have had the following members serve as President for our TTU SHPE Chapter: Elizabeth Moreno (current), Marynell Subia (2015-2016), Santos Montoya (Spring 2015), Ismael Castillo-Avila (2014-2015), David Sanchez (Fall 2013), Christian Duchesne (Spring 2013), Gabriela Gutierrez (Fall 2012), Francisco Gonzalez (Spring 2012), Mike Banda (2011-2012), Frank Amador (2010), Mary Yanez (Spring 2009) and Alexander Mattey (Fall 2008).
The TTU SHPE chapter has continued to motivate, support and influence our members, the Lubbock community and the Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering. Our chapter has been making great strides in developing the skills of our members to prepare them professionally and personally. By instilling upon them to give back to our local community, TTU SHPE members are able to develop at a personal level and serve as role models for future young engineers. Our chapter is actively involved with Engineering Week, Noche de Ciencias, community service and the Engineering Opportunity Center. The TTU SHPE Chapter takes pride in serving the community and promoting STEM awareness in grade schools. In December 2011, the chapter established its first SHPE Jr. chapter in Estacado High School.
Our accomplishments have resulted from our chapter’s hard work and dedication in changing the lives of many high school and middle school age students. The chapter encourages and supports these students to reach their highest potential. Our goal is to increase the number of Hispanics in STEM fields by continuing to promote the mission of SHPE to students within Texas Tech University. The TTU SHPE chapter has continued to grow in membership and be a positive influence in the Hispanic community.

Chapter Mission/Vission

To create empowered engineers and scientists founded in helping and inspiring the Hispanic community through Familia values.

Chapter Website

For more information about the chapter, please go to our website:


SHPE Lockheed Martin Aeronautics - Fort Worth Professional Chapter

In November of 2002, the chapter bylaws were drafted with the help of the Regional Vice President and the Presidents' Council. The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) at Fort Worth Lockheed Martin Aeronautics was officially recognized by SHPE National as a Professional Chapter on February 7, 2003. The chapter was founded by Michael Gutierrez (Chapter President 2003 - 2006). We have been National Medium or Large Chapter of the Year 5 out of the last 10 Years and Region 5 Chapter of the Year 8 out of the last 10 Years.
The SHPE Lockheed Martin Professional Chapter hosted RLDC5 in 2010 at Fort Worth, Texas. The total attendance was 268 members made up of 41 professionals, 198 Graduate and Undergraduate students, and 29 corporate representatives. The total gross revenue was $40,000 from 10 corporate sponsors with a profit of more than $4,000. The 2010 Conference Theme was “S.T.E.Mpede to Cowtown” and featured a 1-day conference with student, graduate, and professional track, 2 corporate tours, professional networker social, social, banquet, pre-banquet mixer, corporate guest speaker luncheon, student flag football tournament, salsa demonstration, and lifetime member reception. During this conference, we unveiled our Professional Development Series “Cornerstones of Development”. In 2015, SHPE LM Aero member James Narey and RVP5 oversaw and championed RLDC at UNT in Denton that grossed over 40,000 in net revenue, and made over 10,000 in profit with more than 200 total attendees.
Since then, the chapter has established a campaign of giving back to the Fort Worth Hispanic community. The chapter began participating in career day activities, science nights, mentoring, leadership development, professional development, and networking activities and today has created a solid reputation of giving back to the Fort Worth Hispanic Community. The chapter has had 5 presidents since its establishment: Michael Gutierrez (2003-2006), Neftali Ortiz (2006-2008), Pablo Trejo (2008-2011), James Narey (2011-2013), Matthew (Gabe) Beard (2013-2015), and Aaron Prokopchuk (2015-Present). We have had 3 past Region 5 Vice Presidents; Michael Gutierrez (2007-2009), Michael Zamarron (2010-2012), and James Narey (2015), 1 past Region 5 Student Representative (RSR), Thania Cordova, and 1 past Region 5 Junior Representative (RJR); James Narey (2014-2015). We have had 1 member Michael Gutierrez serve on the National Board of Directors as the National Treasurer (2011-2013) and currently elected as the new NBOD Professional Representative (2016-2018). We have multiple members that are very active on various SHPE national committees
In 2004, SHPE LM Aero took on the role of managing the Hispanic College Fund (HCF) Golf Tournament and held the 5th annual HCF Golf Tournament at Squaw Creek Golf Course within a six-month period. In that first year the HCF grossed $15k from the golf tournament. The HCF grossed close to $16k and $19k in 2005 and 2006 respectively. After a brief interlude, the chapter restarted the annual Spring Charity Golf Tournament in 2012 and since then has raised over $29,000 from the tournament applied to our annual scholarship endowment.
In 2010, SHPE at LM Aero became an officially recognized tax exempt non-profit organization by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by receiving it 501c3 status. Since 2011, SHPE at LM Aero has awarded 24 scholarships totaling $30,000 to high school and SHPE Jr. students pursuing degrees in the fields of STEM.
 Chapter Mission/Vission

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) at LM Aero seeks to empower the Hispanic community of Fort Worth to attain careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and excel as technical and professional leaders

To realize its vision, SHPE at LM Aero endeavors to:

  • Promote STEM awareness among the youth in the community
  • Encourage middle and high school students to pursue degrees in STEM
  • Enable college students to find careers in STEM
  • Provide professional development for its members
  • Expand our member’s networks while providing a sense of inclusion
  • Improve our neighborhoods through community service

    Chapter Website

For more information about the chapter, please go to our website:



Registration Opened December 16, 2016

Deadline for Early Registration is Thursday, February 23, 2017

Deadline for Regular Registration is Thursday, March 2, 2017

Conference only, Non-Member, and Pre-College Deadline is Friday, March 24, 2017


Registration and Check-In Procedure

Upon arrival, proceed to the SHPE Registration desk in the Hotel Lobby of the Overton Hotel and Conference Center mezzanine level to receive your name badge and hotel information. The hotel mezzanine level in the conference center is located on the ground floor by turning left away from the hotel check-in desk. To check-in to your room, please proceed to the hotel reservation desk on the ground floor.

Registration Plans

NOTE: Single lodging plans are for single individuals and regular lodging plans are for shared housing. Housing assignments are as follows:

  • Students (Undergraduate and Graduate) – 4 per room
  • Professionals – 2 per room.

 Registration for the conference will be done online via Eventbrite prior to the start of the event

 Registration will require attendees to print out EZ Pass before checking-in

Lodging Plans:

If you have registered for a housing plan, your confirmation number will be emailed to you by March 2, 2017. The email will be sent to the email address you used to register for the 2017 SHPE Region 5 RLDC conference. Lodging plans may sell out prior to the registration deadlines.

Non-Lodging Plans:

Program Only registration plans allow for a Thursday, March 30 registration, check-in for the conference events, workshops, and STEM/Career & Hospitality Expo. Non-Lodging plans will remain open through March 24.


Individual Registration

For any individual registration questions, please contact the SHPE National staff at

Corporate Registrations

Sponsors will receive instructions on how to register from your SHPE RLDC5 committee corporate relations director. If you’re not sure who that is email us at

Chapter Bulk Registrations

For any chapter bulk registrations, please complete and submit the following bulk registration application in order to get the process going.


Full payment must be received prior to the conference weekend.

Lifetime Members

Lifetime save 10% off your professional registration. Contact Alexis Medrano, SHPE Membership Director, via email at for instructions on how to take advantage of this. SHPE National will send you a promotional code to register with.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations on or before March 1, 2017, 50% of the registration will be refunded. For cancellations after March 1, 2017, no refund will be issued. All refunds will be made 4 weeks after the RLDC event is over. Any request to cancel registration must be requested via email at


RLDC Rules of Behavior

The code of conduct shall be honored by all persons participating in SHPE activities, and representing SHPE when interacting with external organizations or individuals to uphold and advance the integrity, honor, and dignity of SHPE. Inappropriate and unethical behavior that shall be considered violations of the code of conduct include, but not limited to, the following actions:

  • Possession or use of weapons and illegal drugs.
  • Contribution to the delinquency of a minor.
  • Harassment, physical or verbal abuse, physically threatening others.
  • Engaging in behavior that endangers the health or safety of others.
  • Discrimination because of a person’s race, color, gender, religion, marital status,
  • disability, or sexual orientation.
  • Abuse of alcohol or drugs
  • Embezzlement, fraud, or inappropriate use of SHPE resources

The code of conduct will be enforced in conjunction with the policies of the event facilities (e.g. convention center, hotel, college campus).


Disciplinary action for violations of the code of conduct as determined by the NBOD include, but not limited to, the following actions:

  • Expulsion from the SHPE activity in progress.
  • Temporary or permanent revocation of SHPE membership.
  • Sending a letter to the Dean of Engineering, Chapter Advisor and Chapter Board
  • regarding the code of conduct violation.
  • Appropriate notification of law enforcement officials

Liability Waiver and Release

I understand that failure to comply with the regulations above may result in my automatic dismissal from SHPE RLDC5 2017. SHPE reserves the right to dismiss participants for any reason that it deems appropriate at any time during the event.

Photo and Video Release

I understand that SHPE will take photographs and video throughout the SHPE CONFERENCE 2016. I give SHPE permission to use and display said photographs and/or video in any publication, multimedia production, display, advertisement or online publication for SHPE purposes. I release and forever discharge SHPE, its agents, officers and employees from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of said photograph/images, including but not limited to, any claims for invasion of privacy or defamation. I also accept the fact that no fee is applicable to this service. I understand that media will have permission to take photograph and video during SHPE RLDC5 2017. I give my permission that media may print or broadcast said photographs and/or video with my image.



Overton Hotel & Conference  Center

2322 Mac Davis Ln, Lubbock, TX 79401


Holiday Inn Express and Suites Lubbock West

6023 45th St, Lubbock, TX 79407


Super 8 Hotel

6510 I-27, Lubbock, TX 79412



Corporate Tours

The tour groups will be leaving promptly at 7:30am on Friday morning from the hotel lobby. Please meet downstairs in the Overton conference center mezzanine at the corporate tour check-in desk. Only registered tour attendees only will be allowed to attend.


Registration Closed

1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

US Citizenship Required

Trusted partner on high-priority architecture and engineering projects.

Location: 4222 85th St, Lubbock, TX 79423


Registration Closed

8:00 am – 11:30 am

Xcel Energy provides the energy that powers millions of homes and businesses across eight Western and Midwestern states.

Location:  4201 Frankford Ave, Lubbock, TX 79407


Registration Closed

8:00 am – 11:30 am

X-FAB is the world’s largest analog/mixed-signal foundry group manufacturing silicon wafers for mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs).

Location:  2301 N University Ave, Lubbock, TX 79415




Career Fair/STEM Hospitality Expo

Date: Saturday, April 1st, 2017

Location: Overton Conference Center: Horizon Room AB (2nd floor)

Time: 3:30 pm- 5:30 pm

Attire: Business Professional

Athletic Tournament

Date: Friday, March 31st, 2017

Location: REC Center Volleyball Courts (outdoors)

Time: 6:00 pm- 9:30 pm

Attire: Athletic Wear

Academic Olympiad

Date: Friday, March 31st, 2017

Location: Student Union Building (SUB)

Time: 8:00 am – 11:50 am 

Attire: Business Casual

Friday Networking Luncheon

Date: Friday, March 31st, 2017

Location: Holden Hall

Time: 12:00 pm- 12:50 pm

Attire: Business Casual

Sponsored by:

Saturday Networking Luncheon

Date: Saturday, April 1st, 2017

Location: Holden Hall

Time: 12:00 pm – 12:50 pm

Attire: Business Casual

Sponsored by:

Saturday Welcome

Date: Saturday, April 1st, 2017

Location: Holden Hall

Time: 8:00 am – 8:50 am

Attire: Business Professional

Sponsored by:

Professional Networking Social

Date: Friday, March 31st, 2017

Location: Overton Conference Center: Horizon Room AB (2nd floor)

Time: 10:00 pm- 11:00 pm

Attire: Business Casual

Sponsored by:

Awards Gala Show

Date: Saturday, April 1st, 2017

Location: Overton Hotel Sunset Ballroom BC

Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Attire: Business Professional


Sponsored by:


Volunteer Registration

Welcome to the on-line volunteer registration website for the 2017 SHPE RLDC5. We invite you to take advantage of the many volunteer opportunities that this year's conference has to offer. Signing up is easy - Just click on the volunteer sign up link and away you go! You will be able to meet and network with company representatives and fellow SHPE members. Qualify to earn great prizes! Don't forget to visit us at the volunteer center during the conference weekend at check-in/registration for any remaining volunteer opportunities. Conference events will occur at the Overton Hotel and Conference Center and Texas Tech University Student Union Building or Engineering Building Complex.



The more you sign up, the more chances you have to win fun prizes. We encourage you to volunteer for as many options as you can.

NOTE: For each additional event you sign-up for, you get 2 additional raffle tickets and 1 extra snack.


More Information

Volunteer Confirmation
You can log in at any time to view and edit your volunteer choices. Room and activities are subject to change so please check in at the volunteer center for the latest information. Note that we also may have added an additional role for you if your total volunteer time was less than the 3 hours shift minimum. You will receive confirmation via e-mail if this was done.

The volunteer center will have the sign-in sheets and information forms that describe your duties for the opportunities that you have volunteered for at the conference. The volunteer Center will be staffed as follows:
• Thursday, March 30 – Overton Hotel & Conference Center Mezzanine Lobby, 3:00pm – 10:00pm
• Friday, March 31 – Texas Tech University, Engineering Building Atrium, 8:00 am – 5:30pm
• Saturday, April 1 – Texas Tech University, Engineering Building Atrium, 8:00 am – 5:30pm


SHPE Conference Events
Please check in 30 minutes prior to the start of your volunteer shift at the volunteer center. Please make sure that you sign in and receive your raffle tickets, shirt and snack. You will be provided with information forms that describe your duties for the tasks that you have volunteered for at the conference. NOTE: Persons volunteering for workshops are requested to check in even earlier if at all possible.

Raffle Prizes
The Volunteer raffle will be held on Saturday, November 5th during the Gala Awards Show. Must be present to win.

Miscellaneous Information and Contact
Please note that you are still responsible for registration as a student, professional or other for the 2017 SHPE RLDC5. Cindy Tzapin will be your primary contact at the conference and will be accessible via walkie talkie. Please check in at the volunteer center while at the conference as discussed above.



Potential Sponsors

RLDC 2017 Sponsorship Opportunities

For potential conference sponsorship opportunities download a copy of our brochure and submit the commitment form to

Conference Sponsors

Premiere Level

Platinum Level

Gold Level


Silver Level

Bronze Level


Government Level

Select Sponsors


In-Kind Support


How to get to Lubbock



The airport is a short 11 minute, 7 mile drive to the hotel.

Superior Airport Shuttle

The Overton Hotel has complimentary shuttle to and from the Airport


Traveling East from (El Paso) – Take I-20 East to Midland and North on US 87.

Travel West from (Dallas-Fort Worth) Take I-20 West to Sweetwater and Noth on US 84.

From the North (Oklahoma City, OK) – Take I-44 South to Wichita Falls, TX and West on US 277 followed by west on US 82 highway.



2017 RLDC Strategic Goals

 Goal 1: Prioritize the Impact on Academic Excellence

  • Boost academic development by providing workshops about time management, prioritizing, academic resource opportunities, and effective study habits.
  • Provide networking and mentoring opportunities by holding one student-professional athletic tournament.
  • Increase academic performance by holding an academic olympiad competition.

Goal 2: Increase Overall RLDC Attendance

  • Unite all SHPE chapters within the Region by having at least 200 SHPE members (Student, Graduate, Professional, and Corporate/Government/Academia) attend.
  • Recognize the student and professional chapter that has the highest attendance.
  • Create a support system for SHPE Jr. chapters to continue to grow by involving them more with their Region 5 Familia targeting 70 high school attendees from 6 schools.
  • Reach out to local Businesses and encourage their employees to get involved in SHPE targeting at least 10 corporate sponsors and net income of at least $10,000 dollars

Goal 3: Increase Professional Development

  • Host Career Fair with at least 10 companies attend and with 2 companies offer on-site interviews.
  • Provide More Networking Opportunities by Offering Corporate, Government, and Academia Guest Speakers and at least 3 Corporate Tours.
  • Increase the Student to Professional member transition rate and retain existing professional members by broadening their horizons through soft life skill development workshops and inviting Graduating Seniors and Graduate students to a Professional Networking Session.
  • Promote organizational and administrative development of SHPE Region 5 Student and Professional Chapters by offering three workshop Student (Undergraduate and Graduate), Professional, and SHPE Junior curriculum tracks.
  • Enhance professional mid-career growth training by offering more Certifications such as PMP Certification, P.E. License Training, Lean Six Sigma, and Toastmasters

Goal 4: Increase Leadership Development

  • Leadership development focusing on training the newest generation of SHPE students so chapters gain momentum
  • Host Regional Meeting to elect future regional representatives.
  • Expand community awareness of SHPE by volunteering 2 hours through volunteerism of time by hosting 1 SHPE group community service outing.
  • Reinforce a strong working relationship between all Regional SHPE Chapters
  • Encourage leadership development in each chapter throughout the region and transition effectively all leadership positions in all of the chapters.


Schedule a Visit

Call or email to schedule a 3 day retreat or check out our work.