Why I became a SHPE Region 5 blogger and why YOU should too!

October 24, 2016 Region 5 Leadership

Why I became a SHPE Region 5 blogger and why YOU should too!

By Luisa Florez

That’s cool! But why?” Yes, that was the response my friends gave me when I told them I applied to be a blogger for SHPE Region V. In their eyes, as engineering students, we were “programmed” to refer solving equations over writing essays. We have busy days, with most of our time either in class, studying, doing homework or if we’re lucky, catching up on last night’s sleep. With so many tasks on our plate, why would someone look for an additional responsibility to squeeze in! I could see where they were coming from, why their brows wrinkled with confusion. So in five words I told them why I did it: OUR VOICES MAKE AN IMPACT.


It’s true. It’s one of the reasons we join SHPE. We join SHPE because the people we meet through it, their stories and their voices make an impact on us. Whether it’s advice on which professor to take or on how to maneuver your career, their voices made an impact on you. Through SHPE, I’ve met incredible individuals that encouraged me and taught me a plethora of skills that gave me opportunities I had never imagined. Having had this experience, I knew it was important for me to pay it forward in the hopes of helping someone that may be going through something I already did. Being a blogger helped me do just that, not just at a university level but a regional one, one that spans across the country. And it can do the same for you! The more bloggers SHPE Region V has, the more diverse experiences our members can engage with, and the richer the impact will be. You may have learned a great tip on networking that other schools may not know of, or you may have gone through a career change that many students are looking for guidance on how to do. The types of impact you can achieve are endless, but be assured, there will be an impact.


There are other perks to being a blogger for SHPE Region V, like the flexibility on how many articles you write to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with your studies or job. There’s also the HUGE exposure you can have and the connections you can create (FYI your Lobos Familia has more than 40 student and professional chapters combined – that’s a lot of Lobos!) by having your blog on the Region V website and FB page. And lastly, it makes you a better engineer.


While getting the numbers right is crucial for a bridge not to fall, it’s just as crucial to have strong communication skills in order to get the bid to build the bridge or to convince people to invest in the project. At school, we may be limited to one or two classes that help develop our communication skills. Becoming a blogger for SHPE gives you an extra opportunity to develop these skills in topics that you find relevant and interesting, while developing your time and project management skills.


TLDR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y096AlIh6TI


So what are you waiting for! Email Fernando (Region 5 Marketing Director) at fdoceballos@gmail.com for more information on how you can become SHPE’s newest blogger.


Use your voice, make an impact!