Tariq_TAMUI Advisor

Jaime Escalante Award
Outstanding Educator/Advisor in Region 5

Tariq Tashtoush, Ph.D.
TAMIU Advisor

Regardless of his short young membership with the organization, Advisor Tashtoush has made a huge impact on his chapter and the life of the students. He wants to continue learning more about SHPE so that he may further assist the needs of his chapter. He is willing to learn Spanish so that he can strengthen his communication methods with his students.

Rising Star Award
Outstanding Region 5 Student

Lauren M. Cuevas Meléndez
University of Tennessee Knoxville President

Lauren joined SHPE as a Jr. member in Region 4 and has proven to be the epitome of SHPE's mission and vision from staying involved with SHPE regardless of location. She's utilized SHPE's network in solidifying mentors and has an amazing SHPE familia she readily helps, advises, and assists any way she can. Lauren has been an invaluable leader and resource to our Region 5 familia in helping bridge communication & efforts to our Tennessee & Alabama subregion & Region 5 wishes her well on her future endeavours as a SHPE Professional.


Rising Star Award
Outstanding Region 5 Student

Carlos Ramirez Araiza
Region 5 Student Jr. Rep
University of Texas - El Paso

Carlos joined SHPE as a Jr. member and has an unyielding passion for giving back. He is currently serving his 2nd year on the Region 5 Leadership Team as he served last year as a Vice RSR helping cultivate the student chapters, resources, and communication; now serving as the Student Jr. Rep, Carlos oversees the SHPE Jr. communication committee, resources, & procedures set in place to support our SHPEitos. Region 5 thanks you for your dedication & leadership!